Jokes for Kids: A Collection of Clean and Silly Humor to Brighten Your Day

funny jokes for kinds collection
  • Why did the planet go to the bank? To save its space bucks!

  • What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? An abdominal snowman!

  • Why did the computer apply for a singing competition? It wanted to be a disc star!

  • What did one leaf say to the other? “I’m falling for you!”

  • Why was the sandwich so confident? It knew it was the bread-winner!

  • How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together!

  • Why did the ghost refuse to lie? You could see right through him!

  • What do you call a bear with an umbrella? A rain-bear!

  • Why did the square feel so popular? Because it had all the right angles!

  • What did the paper say to the pencil? “Write on, dude!”

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