Collection of Dark Humor Jokes: How to Laugh at the Dark Side of Life

best dark humor funny jokes collection
  • I got a plant from a witch. It’s a bit moody—only grows under shade thrown by others.

  • The astronaut broke up with the alien. He needed space.

  • The haunted mirror went to therapy. It had too many self-reflections.

  • The vampire started a morning show. It’s called “Dawn of the Dead.”

  • The time traveler hated spicy food. He said it caused temporal distortions.

  • My computer is possessed. Every time it crashes, it screams.

  • The zombie auditioned for a musical. He wanted a role with more bite.

  • The Grim Reaper became a lifeguard. Oddly, the pool’s never been quieter.

  • The ghost applied for a reality show. He wanted to be transparent with his life.

  • The mermaid dated a witch. It was a magical dive into the unknown.

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