Best One-Liner Dad Jokes: Classic Dad Jokes Collection Page-7

  • “Why did the keyboard attend the seminar? It wanted to find the key to success.”

  • “Did you hear about the mathematician’s plants? He had square roots!”

  • “Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged in broad daylight.”

  • “I told my bookshelf it looked sturdy. It replied, ‘That’s shelf-confidence for you!’”

  • “Why did the orange go on a diet? It felt a bit peel-y.”

  • “Did you hear about the bread’s promotion? It rose to the occasion.”

  • “When I asked my wall how it felt, it said, ‘Just hanging around.’”

  • “Why did the computer take its hat off? It wanted to show off its new hardware.”

  • “What’s a light bulb’s favorite movie? ‘Shine & Dine.’”

  • “Why was the fish’s report card wet? It was below sea level.”

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